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Ultra Protective 1/4" Foam Insert LINERZ14

Part Number: LINERZ14

The Linerz 1/4" Protective Hat Insert offers a hearty 1/4" layer of high quality, high density, shock-absorbing  foam to help combat against minor bumps and bruises. It is twice the thickness of our 1/8" hat insert. 

This insert works well in the trucker style or roomier caps and hats. Depending on the hat style you may need to go up a hat size to accommodate our hat inserts. All of our inserts are able to be trimmed to fit smaller sized heads.

Linerz offer comfort, ventilation and versatility to provide light protection against minor bumps, bruises, cuts and abrasions. All of our inserts come with 47 ventilation holes for maximum breathability.

It also helps to make a hat that is too big fit more snug. Linerz are great for cancer patients who have lost their hair - they can wear their favorite hat again. Linerz also can act as a hat display & stabilizer for those hats that have lost their shape.

Linerz are durable and last a long time. The protective liner is removable and cleans easily with a little soap and water, let air dry.

Bump Caps are NOT designed for use in ANSI hard hat designated areas or for any location or movement where serious injury to the head may occur. Linerz Inserts offer additional protection against minor bumps, cuts & bruises. They are not to be worn in place of a helmet. Please use the proper safety equipment that is required for your occupation, work environment, medical use or otherwise. Bump Caps have limited application for occupational use and are not always a proper substitute for industrial head protection identified in the ANSI/ISEA  Z89.1 standard, which is codified by OSHA.

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