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Linerz Protective Hat Inserts

The best way to install Linerz Hat Inserts is to begin with the with the largest flap facing the back of the cap. If you are using our Linerz Hard Shell insert, the foam should be facing out towards your head.

Push the insert into the cap and then begin sliding the individual flaps into the brim pocket one by one in a circular direction around the crown of the hat. You can slide the flaps left and right to adjust them so they fit snugly together. Try to be sure there are no gaps between them or overlapping when you are finished. Any overlapping can be easily trimmed off for a custom fit.


Linerz Inserts come in one universal size. Most adjustable hats, trucker hats, etc will work well with our inserts. As we did our very best to try to accommodate everyone, sometimes depending on the style of hat and size of head, you may need to go up one hat size to allow for the size of the insert. The inserts are also trim to fit so if there is any overlap you can simply trim off any extra material for a more custom fit. When using the insert in a helmet or a hat without a gutter inside the brim, we suggest attaching it with small velcro adhesive discs for easy removal and cleaning.


All of our Linerz Inserts are trim-to-fit. The following is a diagram for a trim method that works great for fitting smaller hats - just remove what is inside the red lines. Always remove foam in small increments until the desired custom fit is achieved. 

How to trim Linerz Inserts. Trim diagram.



Keep your Linerz clean and fresh with the following steps:

1. Fill the sink with a little warm (not hot) water.

2.  Add a couple drops of a mild soap like Dawn detergent, and and a few drops of white vinegar.

3. Gently wash the liner in the solution, you can wipe it gently with a sponge.

4. Then rinse with warm water and let air dry.

Don’t leave directly in the sun.