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Linerz Innovation

Linerz are the latest advancement in bump cap hat inserts.


Linerz are made with lightweight, high quality, high density foam.


Linerz come with 47 ventilation holes for maximum comfort and breathability.


Linerz can be trimmed to fit any sized head.





"I wear these in comfort in 120 degree heat and 80% humidity. I have smacked my head numerous times on piping, shelving and valves. I have yet to feel pain anywhere near the impact. This product is amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone in the industrial field." 

Industrial Company Safety Team Member

"I just wanted to say I received my order today, 1/8" hardshell insert. Didn't take much to get them in and you can't tell by looking at the wearer that there's anything other than a normal ball cap. For me, I have a cancer that makes my bones porous and brittle.....yes, including my skull. I feel much better having the thin layer of protection. I'll feel better golfing (errant tee shots from others) or just plain going out. I know this won't stop everything, but I may just save my life. 'Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it'. Great product and I was sold on the price! I've been wearing them everyday (I'm a hat guy) and definitely during my rounds of golf. I no longer cringe when 'fore' is yelled. Surprisingly, it's kept my head cooler, which I thought would be just the opposite. I've found out that when I used to play golf, my hat would soak with sweat, making my head/body over heat, but your product doesn't absorb sweat, keep my head dry and allowing the air to circulate more, thus my head stays cooler. Very easy to clean as well. I'll be recommending these to everyone I meet."

Customer / Cancer Patient

"A big shout out to Linerz Bump Hat Inserts. We ran these at OLCMSS Red Storm East IV and they worked great under our baseball caps. Would recommend them to everyone. They were not hot and it did protect our heads from BB's and the odd "bump" off a post , door way and other peoples heads. Not a replacement for a full helmet, but works great. I ran the Hard-shell and my team-mates ran the soft shell. Great products! Thanks Linerz Bump Cap Hat Inserts for working with us!"

Chris S. Task Force: Delta Military Simulation Team